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Character Development

All Unicorns to Battle Stations

Webcast Beacon Blind Date

Straitjacket Ninja

Utterly Rucked

* Returns 2015 *

The tale of a party of adventurers who got lost in a dungeon, and the one paladin who had no choice but to try and save them. A toy photo-comic. 1200+ pages.

* Updated 20 Nov 2014 *

A slice of life comic, and also my first serious attempt to draw an ongoing comic myself.

* Updated 14 Feb 2013 *

This year I was paired up with the wonderful Tony Esteves, who not only drew a great page, he also improved my cheesy script and deserves much more of the credit than I for how this turned out.

Simon Morse's stunning art is showcased in this new retelling of the cult comic.

* Completed *

An amateur rugby tour of New Zealand that goes off the rails. Blood, Guts, Rugby and Beer illustrated with toys and a good deal of tomato sauce.

The Man Who Saved The World

Micky House

Hollow Man

Plastic People

Burying Sarah

* Added 21 Sept 2012 *

Drawn by Nergal.

One-off story about how the world was saved, yet again.

* Updated 13 Sept 2012 *

Occasionally updated parody strip about a rodent doctor with an attitude problem. Seeking artists to draw 5-page episodes.

* Updated 8 Sept 2013 *

Captain Adam Seabourne disappears in the Arctic in 1820 ... so eighty years later who is the mysterious man with the same name? And why is he trying to get to the South Pole?

* Updated 10 Aug 2011 *

One-page strips features plastic toys and their plastic lives.

* Added 16 May 2012 *

Drawn by Ram Lama.

A one-off story about loss.


Bad Meat

Webcast Beacon Blind Date

Dark Bay


* Updated 7 Sep 2011 *

A sporadically updated ongoing series drawn by different artists set AFTER ... Well, you can figure out after what. Seeking artists to draw 6-page episodes.

* Updated 24 Sept 2011 *

Drawn by Andy Sanchez. The story of a woman seeking revenge against an international society of cannibals.

* Updated 14 Feb 2012 *

Part of the Webcast Beacon Blind Date. I was paired up with the wonderful Steven Novak who produced this amazing page.

* Returns in 2015? *

Rural New Zealand Police Drama in toy photo-comic format. The past comes back to puzzle a policeman stationed in the back of beyond.

* Updated 20 Mar 2011 *

One-offs and odd and ends, including wallpapers.

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